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Low sperm count is a leading cause of male infertility.


Planning to get pregnant? Or, is it taking longer than anticipated?

  • 7 million couples who try to have a baby this year will have fertility issues.
  • Male infertility is the cause of 50% of infertility problems.
  • Yet, 80% of men in infertile couples will not receive a fertility evaluation.

For couples planning for pregnancy or having issues becoming pregnant, SpermCheck® Fertility is the one and only over-the-counter home test for men that indicates in just 10 minutes if a man has normal or low sperm count.

about spermcheck fertilitySpermCheck® Fertility is a simple, FDA-approved male fertility product that provides quick and reliable sperm count results. SpermCheck® Fertility kit can be used in the privacy of your own home and quickly informs men whether their sperm count is normal or low.

An important first step in planning for a pregnancy or determining the cause of a couple’s current infertility issues is to test the man’s sperm count. However, a trip to a fertility clinic for a semen analysis is not for everyone. These tests can be expensive (costing hundreds of dollars and not typically covered by insurance), inconvenient and are often embarrassing.

Whether you are planning a pregnancy in the near future or have been trying to have a baby, this unique, inexpensive home sperm test kit can help you save time, money and frustration, and avoid unnecessary and expensive testing of the female.

SpermCheck® Fertility is designed to be used as a first step in male fertility testing and can help inform a man whether or not more comprehensive clinical fertility evaluation is needed.