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A Night of Hope for Couples Facing Infertility

September 20, 2016

RESOLVE honors those that help improve the lives of people living with infertility with its Night of Hope awards gala, Tuesday, Nov. 15 at Chelsea Piers in New York.  Continue Reading »


Test Your Sperm Without the Doc in the Next Room

August 16, 2016

Many men avoid getting their fertility checked do to the unappealing process and pride. SpermCheck Fertility offers a private way for men to test their sperm.  Continue Reading »


Dude, Get the Laptop Off Your Boys (Or You’re Never Making Babies)

July 19, 2016

What’s a man’s worst enemy? Some guys might say their mother-in-law, their boss, unreliable Wi-Fi, or hair loss. But it might just be their cell phone or laptop.  Continue Reading »


“I Didn’t Think This Could Be My Issue” – Fertility in the Gay Community

May 26, 2016

Male fertility is only an issue for heterosexual couples, right? That was not the case for Craig Ramsay of Bravo’s “Newlyweds: The First Year.”  Continue Reading »


So Millennial Man, You Don’t Want Kids Yet? Better Check Your 401k

May 13, 2016

Millennials have officially taken over. The massive age group recently dethroned the Baby Boomers as the largest generation alive. Though they’ve quickly inundated the population, they’re in no rush to reproduce.  Continue Reading »