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50% of men who undergo vasectomies NEVER get re-tested. Only 36% submit the required 2 samples…

We can help your patients test the success of their vasectomies quickly and easily in the privacy of their own home, with our convenient patient program.


FDA-Proven Efficacy!

  • Results in 10 Minutes
  • Convenient & Private
  • Accurate as a Lab Test


Watch our informative video!

How it Works:

We provide your office with a patient flyer that is included with all post-procedure take-home materials. It explains how SpermCheck Vasectomy works. Patients benefit from a private and simple at-home test without having to return to the office.


We also provide FREE GEL PACKS for patients as part of the take-home kit!


Benefits to Your Practice:

This is a more convenient option for post-vasectomy testing that increases patient compliance.

  • No need for patients to return for multiple tests
  • Reduced office disruptions and enhanced practice efficiencies
  • No need for staff to collect samples or perform follow-up calls

All materials can be customized for your office!

To order your free post-procedure materials, please fill out the information below and we will ship directly to your office!