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The industry average for post vasectomy compliance rate is 50%. Only 36% of patients return to the laboratory for the required two test checkup. The SpermCheck Vasectomy Home Test and Home Monitoring Program will increase post vasectomy compliance to greater than 80%. The Vasectomy Home Test is sold to patients and test results are collected and reported to urology clinics. There is no cost to urology clinics. The Vasectomy Home Test offers two tests, is FDA approved and is 99% accurate. The Vasectomy Home Test is convenient, easy and can be performed in less than 10 minutes. The Home Monitoring Program will save your clinic time and money.

We can help your patients test the success of their vasectomies quickly and easily in the privacy of their own home, with our convenient patient program.


FDA-Proven Efficacy!

  • Results in 10 Minutes
  • Convenient & Private
  • Accurate as a Lab Test


Watch our informative video!

SpermCheck provides your office with referral forms, patient flyers and ice packs. The patient flyers explain how SpermCheck Vasectomy works. Patients benefit from a private and simple at-home test without having to return to the urology office.

How it Works:

  • Referral form is completed by clinic and faxed to SpermCheck.
  • Patient flyer is given to patient by clinic.
  • SpermCheck contacts patient and sells Home Test to patient.
  • SpermCheck collects patient test results.
  • SpermCheck communicates patient results to clinics through monthly reports.



We also provide FREE GEL PACKS for patients as part of the take-home kit!


Benefits to Your Practice:

This is a more convenient option for post-vasectomy testing that increases patient compliance.

  • No need for patients to return for multiple tests
  • Reduced office disruptions and enhanced practice efficiencies
  • No need for staff to collect samples or perform follow-up calls

All materials can be customized for your office!

To order your free post-procedure materials, please fill out the information below and we will ship directly to your office!