How to Use SpermCheck® Vasectomy

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Using the SpermCheck® Vasectomy Test

SpermCheck® Vasectomy is the only test on the market cleared by the FDA for home use that provides evidence of a vasectomy’s success or failure.  It is accurate, fast, and easy to use.  Detailed instructions are included with each test kit  (click here for SpermCheck® Vasectomy instructions). To ensure accurate test results, please read the test instructions thoroughly before performing the test.

Results in Less than 10 Steps

  1. Collect semen sample.
  2. Allow sample to stand for 20 minutes.
  3. Using transfer device, collect enough sample to fill to line on device.
  4. Add sample from transfer device to solution bottle.
  5. Gently mix solution and sample.
  6. Wait 2 minutes.
  7. Add 5 drops from solution bottle to sample well on test cassette.
  8. Wait 7 minutes.
  9. Read results.

vasectomy-couple-1How to Read the Test Results

A Positive Test Result

A positive test result does not necessarily mean that your vasectomy failed, but does indicate that additional testing is needed. You should continue to use other birth control and talk to your doctor about what to do next. We suggest that you wait at least two weeks before testing with a new SpermCheck® Vasectomy Device.

A Negative Test Result

A negative result indicates that your sperm count is extremely low, at or below a level shown by scientific studies to present very little risk of pregnancy.

An Invalid Test Result

invalid-testIf you do not see a control line (marked as “C” on the SpermCheck® Vasectomy Device) the test cannot be interpreted and you should test again with another SpermCheck® Vasectomy Device.

The SpermCheck® Vasectomy Kit contains everything you need to perform two SpermCheck® Vasectomy tests. You should follow your doctor’s instructions about how long to wait after your vasectomy before performing the tests.

The results of both tests should be negative. If they are not both negative then test again with another SpermCheck® Vasectomy Kit until you receive two consecutive negative results.