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SpermCheck® Vasectomy is a home sperm test to test for vasectomy failure or vasectomy problems by detecting sperm in semen following a vasectomy. This simple test will quickly let you or your doctor know when the number of sperm has dropped to a very low level and it is safe to stop other methods of birth control.

Vasectomy Failure Rate & Vasectomy Problems

In the United States, approximately 500,000 men have a vasectomy annually, and the vasectomy failure and recanalization rate is approximately 0.4% (1 in 238). The SpermCheck® Vasectomy home sperm test will provide an accurate answer to a man’s post-vasectomy sterility status without the indignity many men associate with follow-up visits to the doctor. Post-vasectomy confirmation testing is critical, as nearly one out of every 238 vasectomies results in failure or recanalization, the formation of a new channel in the vas deferens through which sperm can move.

Check for Vasectomy Failure at Home

Studies have also shown that one out of every 100 vasectomies fails to prevent pregnancy. Eliminate the need for multiple, and what can often be embarrassing, follow-up lab tests with SpermCheck® Vasectomy. SpermCheck® Vasectomy is an easy-to-use, accurate test that you can take at home to test the success of your vasectomy.

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